Rush Week

I did not join a fraternity when I was in college. I didn't even bother trying. It seemed too straight and none of my friends were interested, either. I was more interested in hooking up with older married men from Orange County and vaguely thought of myself as bisexual.

At the time, my impression of pledging a fraternity was something like the scenes in Animal House with terrified lads in their BVDs being paddled by pimpled megalomaniacs in robes somebody's mother made out of velvet curtains in 1936.

Since then, however, I've heard a variety of tales of what goes on at frat initiations. I've heard that mutual jerk-offs to cum are required. I've also heard that lads were compelled to give each other blowjobs. If anyone had to do this when joining a fraternity, please do tell us all the details in the comments section.


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