Desert Dick Lickers

These are stills from a 1980s porn magazine with the improbable title of "Desert Dick Lickers." If you're familiar with Southern California, you may recognize these were probably shot around Chatsworth.

I acquired a copy of this mag when I was in college but no longer remember how. I remember it distinctly because the older bloke in this trio looked very much like a law student I slightly knew at the time. He was straight, friendly, and hot. I remember these photos were fantasy jerkoff fodder with an imagined threesome involving him, me, and some other bloke whom I've now forgotten.

The law student had a rather unusual name, and I see his name cropping up in the press these days on occasion in news reports about various matters. I've never seen a more recent picture of him; however, I did find a social network page for his eighteen-year-old son. I immediately saw the resemblance but, alas, the younger lad is not as hot as his dad was back in his academic years.

If you'd like to download a free set of high resolution scans of this entire vintage magazine, be sure to click here.


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