Coach's Big Day

Coach Wilkins would later remember that day as the turning point in his life. When Johnny asked him to massage his injured back after practice, Coach tried to force those recurring thoughts from his mind, those thoughts that had plagued him for years.

But when the lad moaned softly whilst Coach ran his hand gently over his warm skin, he couldn't deny his cock was beginning to harden. The youth's ripe smell of innocence mixed with sweat was like a forbidden ambrosia to him. When Johnny murmured "lower sir," Coach found his eyes couldn't stop staring at the musky, fuzzy cleft between his tight young buttocks.

Coach protested at first when Johnny reached around and forced the older man's hand still lower, right to the hole itself. When the lad moaned, "put them inside now, Coach, please," the older man finally experienced what he had long desired when his strong fingers began to probe his star player's virgin bunghole.


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