Eros, the God of Lust

The mighty gods mocked young Eros. He was small of stature and slight of frame. Young Eros knew, however, how he could silence them. And then shame them. Suddenly one day, he sprawled before them naked as they laughed at him, thinking him clumsy and unsteady.

As he lay before them, he seized his manhood and began stroking it. The gods held on to their sides, unable to contain their mirth at this bizarre lad. But then a hush fell over the pantheon as Eros stroked his organ to a mighty size. He alone laughed as their eyes grew wider whilst his manhood continued to swell to a massive proportion.

"I am Eros," he said with pride. "I am the god of lust, of love, of fucking. I drive men and women wild with desire. I bring them a great pleasure like none of you can. They worship me and my mighty cock."

The gods averted their eyes, for they felt truly shamed in his magnificent presence. They were strong of frame, large of muscle, but when they looked between their own legs, they realized they only had the organs of mere mortals.

"All hail Eros," the whispered in awe. "All hail his mighty cock. He is a true god amongst us."


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